In Search of Winter Wellness

by Alondra Hupe

With the summer sun and autumn breeze fading away into distant memory, winter arrives coating everything in a chilling frost. Staying indoors becomes a routine and, with the holidays approaching, stress begins to cause tension in our bodies. Tend to your self-care this winter by finding time in your schedule to visit, relax and unwind at some of the best winter wellness destinations in the Northwest. 

Imagine taking in 35 acres of wine country as you treat yourself to an exfoliating crushed grape seed scrub, which is made with the grapes plucked from the vineyard you’re staying at. Sip on a mimosa while being treated to the nourishing benefits of a wine and honey masque that will brighten your skin. The Allison Inn and Spa, located in Willamette Valley, Oregon, offers these unique and relaxing treatments along with many other spa services.

Feel every knot and ache roll away with a relaxing mimosa massage as the scent of champagne oil fills the room, leaving your skin soft and your mind at ease. Looking to improve skin conditions or a breathing aid to clear up your respiratory system? Try Himalayan salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, which not only can help the body physically, but also mentally by increasing levels of serotonin. After your treatments have left you rejuvenated and at peace, soothe your muscles in the whirlpool as you take in the beauty of the winter landscape. With the resort located on a vineyard, conclude your relaxing spa getaway with a delicious wine tasting. 

Perhaps consider a spa vacation with surrounding pine trees and a water view to enjoy from a warm fire in a rustic cottage. Appreciate nature’s sights and sounds on a self-guided forest mediation called shinrin-yoku or forest bathing. At Alderbrook Resort and Spa in Union, Washington, you are provided with a booklet on this Japanese practice. The hiker is meant to become aware of the five senses at checkpoints along the trail and to become mindful of their inner and outer state. To listen to every trickle of water, to smell the pine needles in the breeze, and to see how the sunlight peers through the tall forest. Upon emerging from the trail soothed by nature, begin your spa day with an aloe or seaweed body wrap.

An organic aloe wrap heals and moisturizes dry skin with algae and lavender, while a seaweed wrap is filled with nourishing vitamins and minerals to restore skin tone and vitality. Try a hot oil scalp treatment, perfect for revitalizing and stimulating circulation during harsh winter temperatures. Combine the treatment with the Opulence Oxygen Facial, an acupressure massage with an aromatherapy cleanse to exfoliate and rehydrate the skin. Complete the day with a therapeutic massage with an anti-inflammatory arnica to relieve any remaining tension. Enjoy an appetizing meal with a view of Hood Canal and return to your room or cottage for the night knowing your mind is at peace and your body stress-free. 

Enjoy a few days in Paradise at Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort. Located in Paradise, Montana, it is the perfect secluded spa getaway for you and the family. The resort is home to five natural springs that range in temperatures from 106 degrees to 55 degrees and two additional salt-treated pools. Take in the range of health benefits from the water as each are filled with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The minerals help bone strength, blood clots, heart function and boost your immune system. Along with nourishing your hair, skin and nails. 

Relax in the serene crystal blue springs as you take in the beautiful views of the lush green forest of the towering mountain range covered in snow. Stay for a day or book lodging to enjoy the hot springs early in the morning or late at night. Riverside cabins nestle along the Clark Fork River and offer an absolutely breathtaking view with the sun rising over the snowy range. Mountainside cabins rest against the rocky canyon allowing you to feel completely enveloped by nature. Grab a cup of organic Montana coffee and arrange a soothing massage before starting your day with a dip in the hot springs. Explore Lolo National Forest with an afternoon hike and enjoy a meal at the tavern before watching the sunset from the tranquil pools.