Humpbacks and Orcas Fill the Salish Sea!

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As humpback whales continue to arrive on their migrations from their wintering waters in Hawaii, Mexico, and Central America, large concentrations of them have been spotted, especially out near Port Angeles and the Canadian Border.

Big feeding groups of 30 to 40 humpbacks stretched out for miles have been common over the last few weeks and it appears like they are feeding on an abundance of krill that can be seen at the surface sometimes and likely down deep too.

Humpback mothers are also arriving with brand new calves, and it’s always exciting to see these new animals for the first time and to know that they will likely come back to the Salish Sea for the rest of their lives. The calves can be very playful when they arrive as they are still under the protective watch of their mothers.

Until commercial whaling was banned in 1996, humpbacks were nearly hunted to extinction. Their population has rebounded, however, and they are back in the Salish Sea in significant numbers. One of the larger whale species, adult humpbacks range in length from 40 to 50 feet and weigh nearly 40 tons.

Of course, the tours also spot plenty of Bigg’s killer whales on many of the trips and sometimes they end up close to where the humpback whales have been feeding.

The half-day tour features spacious, comfortable indoor seating and large windows, restrooms, outside viewing decks, and a great galley/cafe, which serves up their signature, freshly baked “blueberry buckle” on every trip.


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