Heli-Biking at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Photo By Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is the first outfitter in the United States to offer what for many is a bucket-list adventure: mountain biking access via helicopter to millions of acres of pristine mountain terrain in the breathtaking Tordrillo Mountain Range of Alaska.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge uses the country’s first Aero Quick Design Release helicopter bike rack, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that can transport bikes without the burden of disassembling them for flight. The helicopter can accommodate four guests, a guide and their bikes.

Heli-biking routes begin from the flanks of Mt. Spurr volcano and wind down paths carved in cinder and pumice deposits from area volcanoes. Some bikers may choose to forge new paths or follow gentle ridge lines to alpine lakes. Others can bike directly on a glacier, for a whole new snow biking experience. Riders can choose a descent or ascent of virtually any length or difficulty, making this experience customizable for anyone interested in mountain biking regardless of their level of skill or expertise.

According to Mike Overcast, co-owner of Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, “Heli-biking really does give you a new perspective on the sport. It’s a game-changer for adventure-seekers everywhere.”

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge provides the right gear for a safe experience—Fat Back fat tire bikes, helmets, pads and gloves. Their experienced helicopter pilots are expertly trained in high-altitude flight, as well as the intricacies of flying with bikes attached to the aircraft.

To learn more about heli-biking at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, or about the Lodge’s overall vacation experiences, please visit tordrillomountainlodge.com.