Great Road Trips of the Northwest

Photo Credit Airstream Northwest

Looking to appreciate the Northwest scenery without braving the winter cold? Scenic road trips not only offer continually different yet beautiful scenery, but far more flexibility and control over your journey.

The Northwest has a variety of options for gorgeous road trips. Here are three of our favorites.

Running parallel to the Pacific Ocean, Pacific Coast Scenic Byway (Highway 101) on the Oregon Coast covers some of the most dramatic coastline in the world. Every night your “room” will have an ocean view. The highway runs through various small coastal towns, giving the opportunity to experience villages you may not have otherwise visited.

Those looking to experience Washington may want to take the trip around the Olympic Peninsula. This Highway 101 route passes through miles of national park teeming with diverse wildlife, and plenty of opportunities to catch your own meal from the waters.

Alternatively, the Palouse Scenic Byway runs through eastern Washington, trading towering trees and rainforest for endless, open rolling fields—a big hit with photographers.

Those hoping to enjoy the pleasure of an RV trip without sacrificing amenities should consider luxury lines of RV. Airstream rentals offer both luxury RVs and trailers, both of which offer significantly less air resistance and unwanted temperature variation than other lines of RVs.

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