Freak Alley Gallery, Boise

Photo © Visit Idaho

To get a taste of the alternative art scene in Boise, look no further than Freak Alley Gallery.
The gallery was started in 2002 when its founder, Colby Akers, was making street art on a door in a service alley and an employee in the building asked him to sign his work. Ever since, Akers has gotten permission from the property owners to fill the alley with art, and now Freak Alley is the largest outdoor gallery in the Northwest.

Freak Alley is the place where the mysterious, eclectic and macabre come out to play, with outstanding and thought provoking art that is sure to make you shiver. With stunning graffiti-style murals filling every corner of brick, the alley is an oasis for creativity.

Every year on the first Saturday in August, the art in the alley is either painted over or reformed, making Freak Alley a constantly changing canvas. The gallery isn’t just a business, it’s a grassroots art movement that runs mainly on donations and volunteer work.

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