Forbidden Vancouver Tours

Photo © Suzanne Rushton

All aboard the time machine into this cosmopolitan British Columbia city’s colorful past. Your guide? One of the costumed hosts at Forbidden Vancouver Tours.

As you embark on the “Prohibition City” tour, your imagination will carry you back in time as you follow your guide. It’s suddenly 1917. Prohibition has hit Vancouver hard. Saloon doors slammed shut, forcing law-abiding citizens into an underground world of bootlegged spirits and illicit activity.

Mob bosses have set up illegal drinking dens, and corrupt cops palm bribes to look the other way. Prescription pads quickly fill with imagined ailments and medicinal liquor flows like water. Vancouver’s longest-running mayor L.D. Taylor emerges from the chaos, soon notorious for his shadowy past, raucous parties and underworld ties.

Your role on the tour? You have gone undercover as a 1920s-era investigative reporter. Your guide? A reporter who knew too much and was fired for digging up too much dirt on Mayor Taylor. On the tour, you’ll use a reporter’s notepad to get the scoop as you walk the path of Vancouver’s shady prohibition past. Don’t own a trench coat? No worries. Only your guide will be in costume.

The Prohibition City Tour begins at 7:00 p.m. and runs 90 minutes. Forbidden Vancouver’s other regular tour is “The Lost Souls of Gastown.” Special tours occasionally run as well. You can reserve your spot on a Forbidden Vancouver Tour at For more information about visiting Vancouver, go to