For the Love of the Wild in Whitefish, Montana

At the edge of Glacier National Park in the Northern Rocky Mountains is Whitefish, Montana, a vibrant town built around a shared appreciation of the wild. Here you’ll discover world-class amenities, from dining and lodging to arts and entertainment, along with a warm, welcoming spirit. It doesn’t take long for visitors to understand why Whitefish is a place worth exploring and protecting for all those who love it.  

Endless winter adventure can be found in every direction around Whitefish. Looking for some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the west? Look no further. Have an urge to snowshoe in Glacier National Park? Go for it. Want to escape on a magical horse-drawn sleigh ride followed by hot chocolate and cookies? Well, hop on! Whatever your adventure style, you’ll find it around every corner of this wintery paradise.  

Rising above the town is Whitefish Mountain Resort and its playground of 3,000-plus acres of terrain. Ranked as the #6 overall resort in the west and #1 in value by SKI Magazine for 2023, Whitefish Mountain Resort features terrain for all tastes at an affordable price. Take in the view of peaks in nearby Glacier National Park from the summit before making your way down through pure Rocky Mountain snow. Celebrating its 75th season, Whitefish Mountain Resort now boasts the new six-person Snow Ghost Express Lift which rises more than 2,000 feet from the base area.  

Winter may be the quiet season in the renowned Glacier National Park, but it is no less spectacular. Miles of snowshoe and cross-country trails are available for your scenic journey into the snow-capped peaks and peaceful forest floor. Some choose to explore the winter trails on the oversized tires of a fat bike. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or a casual rider, winter fat biking is an increasingly popular sport that puts you on the path to fun. Or you could choose to hand over the reins to the driver of a horse-drawn sleigh. Enjoy the magic of winter as you snuggle with family and loved ones while being pulled by gentle draft horses.  

Getting to Whitefish couldn’t be easier. Fly direct from over a dozen cities or hop on the famous Ski Train. Amtrack’s Empire Builder leaves Seattle and Portland in the late afternoon and arrives in Whitefish early enough to grab breakfast and make the first chair. Just make sure you don’t book your trip home too soon. With so much winter adventure in and around Whitefish, Montana, you’re going to need as much time as possible. 



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