Food Traveler 2019: A Culinary Melting Pot

Northwest Food Traveler is an annual special publication inside the July/August issue of Northwest Travel & Life. Read on for a taste of what’s inside Northwest Food Traveler 2019, from our Editor in Chief Allen Cox.
Food. It’s so much more than simply what sustains us. We’ve built rituals around it. We use it to celebrate life and mark its milestones. It even defines cultures and entire geographic regions.
Over time, food in the Northwest has simmered slowly into the culinary melting pot it is today. On any given day, we can take a journey just with our eyes, sense of smell and taste buds to enjoy cuisine from virtually every culture and ethnicity in the world. We can go hyperlocal and eat foods grown and produced right under our feet, some as distinctive as kelp pickles or geoduck. We rarely have to travel far to find a perfectly prepared fresh salmon filet, the most decadent chocolate on Earth, or wine from vineyards we could hop in the car and drive to.
In this issue of Northwest Food Traveler, you’ll find a mashup of stories from across the region that provide a snapshot of what Northwest cuisine has evolved into. You’ll discover a Culinary Center on the Oregon Coast that is showing visitors how to work with Northwest coastal ingredients. You’ll visit a Native American resort on Washington’s Fidalgo Island that works with ingredients from its own fisheries and local farms. You’ll discover a winery in Washington that utilizes grapes from vineyards all across the state to create a vast portfolio of fine wines that pair beautifully with foods. You’ll check out a Northern Oregon Coast beach town that has embraced their past by repurposing two vintage buildings into craft breweries and pubs. And, you’ll embark on a delicious journey around Washington’s Olympic Culinary Loop, where seafood, wines, ciders and farm-fresh goodness all come into play.
In all her wry wit, Erma Bombeck once said, “Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.” To that I say, pull up a chair and order dessert first. Let this issue of Northwest Food Traveler inspire your own culinary travels.
Allen Cox, Editor in Chief
Northwest Travel & Life

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