Food Finds in Yellowstone Country

Although we may not plan an entire vacation around food, it plays a huge role in our overall satisfaction once we get to where we’re going. Montana’s Yellowstone Country region, the northern outskirts of Yellowstone National Park, is full of culinary surprises – from comfort food with a refreshing twist, to Montana-raised meats, to hearty vegetarian meals and everything in between. Many restaurants in this region and throughout Montana source locally, adding a fresh regional flavor and genuine community loyalty. Check out these food finds in Yellowstone County.

The top palate-pleasing meals throughout Yellowstone Country Region are numerous and not hard to find. For breakfast, try the Bearclaw Bakery in Cooke City. If their hash browns are to die for, then their pastries are heavenly. This bakery is loved and known widely in Cooke City and is the perfect place to enjoy a home-grown breakfast.

For lunch, one option is the Eat Café in Gardiner. With big portions sure to hold your stomach for a day of exploring Yellowstone, there is nowhere better to eat right outside of the park itself.

Dinner gets done right in Big Sky at Buck’s T-4. With wines pulled from all over the world, this dining experience isn’t one to miss. The waiters will help you decide the meal that will go best with the wine you have selected and is sure to please your taste buds in every aspect of the meal.

When planning your next trip to or through Montana, make sure to include these noteworthy spots, as well as a few of our other notable mentions, for your fill of Montana cuisine. For more information, go to

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