Follow in Nature’s Footsteps at the High Desert Museum – Bend, OR

What do suspension bridges, wetsuits and office buildings have in common? If you guessed “biomimicry,” you’re spot-on.

Biomimicry is the practice of emulating nature to solve human problems. For example, the three innovations listed follow nature’s lead: Sturdy spiders’ webs inspire the design of suspension bridges, beavers’ pelts inspired the creation of insulated wetsuits and termite dens act as a blueprint for energy-efficient and maximum-comfort office buildings.

The High Desert Museum, located in Bend, examines biomimicry in-depth in “Innovation Lab: Designs Inspired by Nature.” Using vivid displays and interactive activities, the exhibit features examples of biomimicry in fields such as transportation and engineering. “Innovation Lab” seeks to educate and engage visitors of all ages, demonstrating positive ways humans can interact with their environment and pave the way for progress.

This winter, celebrate the natural world, creativity and inspiration at the High Desert Museum’s new exhibit. Who knows? You might find a new, meaningful way to follow in nature’s footsteps.

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