Five Reasons to Visit Yellowstone Now

Photo Courtesy of West Yellowstone TBID

No matter the time of year, travel to Yellowstone National Park is always spectacular. Each season offers its own unique experiences, and late summer and fall are no different. Here are five reasons you need to visit Yellowstone National Park now.

  1. Witness the majestic drama of the elk rut. Late summer and fall bring epic battles between bull elk who are fighting to protect their harem. With the sound of antlers crashing and bugles echoing through the stunning valleys, this is a unique experience only available in this season. And wildlife viewing doesn’t stop with elk. This is also a great time to see bison, bears and wolves preparing for the approaching winter.
  2. Memorable attractions in West Yellowstone. The closest community to any Yellowstone entrance, West Yellowstone is home to must-see attractions like the Yellowstone IMAX and the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, an animal sanctuary with live grizzly bears, wolves and raptors. Plus, a variety of lodging and dining options make West Yellowstone the perfect place to relax after a day exploring.
  3. Scenery painted in vivid color. There is something special about the end of the summer season when the landscapes are transforming from green to vibrant shades of orange, red and gold. The days are warm and the evenings are cool—perfect weather for taking in your colorful surroundings. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the timeless beauty of the region.
  4. Heart of fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains. West Yellowstone is the ultimate base camp for the best fly fishing in Montana. In fact, the area hosts five blue-ribbon streams and has earned recognition as one of North America’s Top Ten Trout-Fishing Towns by Forbes magazine. Fall brings the chance to hook spawning trout that are fat with the latest hatch along with the famous Hebgen Lake gulpers (rainbow and brown trout) that glide along the surface gulping at the large Callibaetis mayfly hatches.
  5. More space to yourself. Nearing the end of the busy season, late summer and fall allow you more space to take in the awe-inspiring geysers, pristine hot pools and Yellowstone’s wild and free animals. Smaller crowds mean you can enjoy all the wonders of the region at your own pace.

If all this isn’t reason enough for a visit soon, how about free admission into the park? On September 28, visitors get into Yellowstone National Park for free—just another reason to take a road trip to West Yellowstone, the perfect home base for all your Yellowstone adventures. Planning a trip? Find information on more fall activities and all the West Yellowstone lodging options before you go.


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