Fish out of Water: Zou 75 Hailey, Idaho

Photo © Rob Corbin

By Nick Neely

Common culinary wisdom states “don’t eat sushi in a land-locked state.” Images of fish spending days on ice blocks dance about your mind. However, such warnings have little to do with reality.

On your travels, you will encounter plenty of sushi bars that manage to serve up quality sushi despite their oceanless borders. Take Zou 75 in Hailey, Idaho, for example.

At Zou 75, your meal may have started its morning off the coast of Honolulu, where it found its way into a fishing net’s loving embrace. Cleaned and packaged on the ship, the fish immediately gets freighted upon hitting the dock. Zou 75 receives the fish within 24 hours of its surprise trip. These shipments come into the restaurant three to four times a week, depending on customer traffic.

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