Find Your Adventure in Wallace, Idaho

Mix gorgeous scenery, awesome trails, amazing history, along with small town charm and you may have the perfect getaway in the 1880s mining town of Wallace, Idaho. 

Ride the trails

Nestled among forested mountains, canyons and streams, Wallace is home base to Idaho’s only Hall of Fame Rail Trails. The 70 plus mile Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes runs right through town, while the world famous Hiawatha is just 15 minutes away.

Hit the Pulaski Trail

Wallace and nearby communities offer a multitude of scenic hikes. But if your path into the wilderness is the common sedan, then the Pulaski Trail is the one for you. New direction signs in town point the way. Follow them to the trailhead one mile south of Wallace and to a four-mile round trip moderate trail. It follows Placer Creek, past waterfalls and cool forest up to the Nicholson Adit, where in 1910 Ranger Ed Pulaski saved his crew from America’s largest wildland fire.


Or hike the town

Wallace offers pleasant tree shaded neighborhoods, pocket parks and self-guided walking tours of its 1890s era National Register of Historic Places homes, churches and buildings. At every numbered street are the outdoor stairways. Equivalent to a 46-story building, the Wallace Stairs wind their way through deciduous and pine woods. Sightings of deer, elk and moose are not uncommon, especially at daybreak and nightfall.



Catch some air

Here’s another option. Fly. Wallace’s Silver Streak Zipline offers a dozen zips in the mountains overlooking town. Take a short ride up graded roads to nearby peaks. Views of the valley are stunning. Zipping 60 mph over courses six football fields long is a rush. New this year are mountain bike trails that empty out at City Limits Pub and Microbrewery.


Neon nights

If a body needs a respite from all that exercise, Wallace doesn’t disappoint. Find two microbreweries, a dozen unique dining options as well as plenty of places to wet a whistle. You’ll find classic cuisine, gourmet chefs, award winning mixologists—even sommeliers with world class wine selections. It’s all a great way to Visit Scenic Idaho.



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