Fall Splendor in the Portland Japanese Garden

Photo © Jonathan Ley

In a part of the world better known for its year-round greenery, once a year the Pacific Northwest comes to life with exquisite tone and texture. In any season, the Portland Japanese Garden is known for its authentic and elegant representation of traditional Japanese culture and history. In autumn especially, the maple and larch trees burst into vibrant colors of burgundy and burnished gold.

Located in the scenic West Hills of Portland, the Portland Japanese Garden is comprised of five garden styles stretching over 5.5 acres. The Shinto, Buddhist and Taoist philosophies influence these gardens. Each placement of stone, water and plants represent the “bones” of the landscape, life-giving force and a tapestry of the four seasons.

While the City of Portland’s trees change towards the beginning of fall, the Garden does not reach their full, peak color until a few weeks after. The Strolling Pond Garden especially fills with vibrant colors. Inside the garden stands the famous Maple Tree, which is considered to be one of the most photographed trees in the United States.

The Portland Japanese Garden is located on Kingston Avenue in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit japanesegarden.com. For more information about visiting Portland, go to travelportland.com.