Exploriences of a Lifetime in Lincoln City

Photo Courtesy of Lincoln City

Head to Lincoln City, Oregon, to participate in a new program that celebrates education, exploration and fun at the beach. Discover the city’s “Exploriences”—a series of hands on, free events throughout the year led by local experts. These experiences were created so that guests can add some local knowledge to the souvenirs and memories they bring home from their adventures.

It kicked off with beachcombing in January. Lincoln City is one of the best places to unearth treasures from the Pacific. You’re guaranteed to find a variety of souvenirs including agates, jasper, petrified wood and other coastal jewels. Your local guide will help you identify what you find and clue you in to the history of their coastal geology. Keep an eye out, you might even spot a glass float from the Finders Keepers program.

Once spring and summer roll around, it’s time for tide pooling, a favorite beach activity for all ages. Rocky intertidal pools are home to sea stars, anemones, urchins and many more colorful creatures. Your guide will lead you into the immersive worlds of micro-ecosystems, sharing knowledge they’ve spent their whole life learning.

From late spring to early fall, crabbing and clamming take center stage. You’ll learn everything you need know about identification, harvesting and cooking fresh seafood. With passionate teachers, these Exploriences are educational, rewarding and delicious too.

Bird watching rounds out the year with trips taking place once per month from July through December. The Lincoln City area is home to a wide variety of birds such as egrets, pelicans and osprey, which command the attention of enthusiasts from all over the world. Local experts from the Autobahn Society will be present to provide equipment and talk all things birds.

Every Explorience comes with a token for those who partake. When you’ve done five, you can redeem those tokens for an exclusive handcrafted glass coin. With this coin you’ll be eligible for a variety of benefits and monthly drawings, including the chance to win an annual grand prize. Stop by the Visitor Information Center (540 NE Hwy 101) or the Explore Lincoln City administrative offices (801 SW Hwy 101, 4th floor) to collect your glass coin.

As the program grows, be on the lookout for even more Exploriences. To learn more about the Lincoln City Exploriences, visit ExploreLincolnCity.com/Exploriences.


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