Explore Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark, British Columbia


A two-day drive from Vancouver, British Columbia, Tumbler Ridge—a small community within the Northeastern section of the province—is perfect for a getaway adventure. The essential aspect of this region is the UNESCO Global Geopark. According to the Global Geopark’s website, “a UNESCO Global Geopark is an area recognized as having internationally significant geological heritage. Geoparks aim to reconnect people to the earth, whether through hiking trails, learning about mountain building, eating food grown in the local soils, or celebrating the stories of the people who have lived here since time immemorial. The geology in a Geopark may be linked to sites with interesting archaeology, wildlife, history, folklore and culture.”

At Tumbler Ridge Geopark, you can explore geology, paleontology and the region’s human history. It’s the home to the only dinosaur museum in British Columbia—Dinosaur Discovery Gallery & Peace Region Paleontology Research Centre—and the only dinosaur tracks known in the province. Outside of the museum, to view naturally preserved dinosaur footprints and visit the dig sites, take a guided tour by boat or helicopter. If you take a helicopter tour, you can take your adventure to the next level by landing near a waterfall for a yoga class. With the boat excursions, guides can take you directly to marvel at a massive waterfall.

If you’re up for the challenge, there are plenty of self-guided tours as well. Take a couple of hours and head over to the Flatbed Cabin Pool to view the footprints and other paleontology exhibits that are available. Some sections of the park have rough terrain, perfect for mountain biking or an ATV experience.

There are over 20 trails for all levels. On the trails, there are opportunities to spot wildlife, such as herds of mountain goats, and travel to scenic canyons, waterfalls, lakes or peaks. The most popular hike is the breathtaking Kinuseo Falls—which is taller than Niagara Falls—perfect for a cooling mist on a hot summer day.

For more information about Tumbler Ridge, including finding lodging, dining and how to explore the geopark, visit hellobc.com/why-visit-unesco-global-geopark-tumbler-ridge or tumblerridgegeopark.ca.