Explore the Natural Wonders of Salem, Oregon

Silver Falls State Park South Falls Hike _ credit Caleb Wallace _ CourtesyWVVA
Photo by Caleb Wallace

Waterfalls you can walk behind? Check. Rivers made for fishing, kayaking & canoeing? You bet. Trails that meander for miles? Yup, plenty of those. Salem and the Mid-Willamette Valley is an ideal place for experiencing the natural wonderland that is Oregon, and each season brings unique experiences.  

It’s no secret that winter and spring mean lots of rain in the Mid-Willamette Valleyit helps keep the region lush and greenbut it’s rarely too cold to enjoy the outdoors. In fact, with the right gear (basically a warm coat and sturdy, waterproof shoes), you just may find this season is the perfect time for enjoying the outdoors in the Salem region.  


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