Endless Adventure on Every Side of Mt. St. Helens

Photo Courtesy of Cowlitz County Tourism

Endless Adventure begins at Mount St. Helens or “Lavelatla,” an active stratovolcano located in southwest Washington. 96 miles south of Seattle and 50 miles northeast of Portland, it features accessible and stunning landscapes. Whether you like to hike in a lush forest or near the water’s edge, fish for trout or steelhead, go camping under the stars or in the trees, fly like a bird on a Zipline adventure, or even climb a mountain, this is the place for you.

The North side (SR504) includes visitor center and information, your closest view of the mountain at Johnston Ridge Observatory, The Forest Learning Center. These sites tell the story of Mount St. Helens and the remarkable recovery of forests, fish and wildlife following the eruption, and of beautiful Coldwater Lake. The lake was created during the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, which blocked its natural outlet, Coldwater Creek, with volcanic debris. Kayak, fish, hike or just enjoy a picnic lunch at the lake. There are many choices for accommodations on the North side, starting at Castle Rock to the 24 mile marker. Choose a motel, campsite, RV site, cabin or even a yurt to stay in.

The South side (SR503) includes gorgeous lakes and reservoirs for swimming, fishing and boating. Explore Ape Caves, Trail of Two Forests, June Lake and Lava Canyon. Climbers bivouac is the trailhead that provides access to the Monitor Ridge Climbing Route (the summer climbing route to Mount St. Helens’ Summit), Ptarmigan Trail #216A and the Loowit Trail #216. All are breathtakingly beautiful hikes and must-do for any hiking enthusiast. There are many choices of accommodations for this side of the mountain as well, from Woodland to Cougar, including motels, campsites, RV sites and cabins.

Many of the surrounding cities have amazing eateries, brew pubs and wineries to venture to. Pick your favorite or tour them all to satisfy your taste buds. Find the many hidden treasures in each area as well and get away from it all. Go to visitmtsthelens.com to learn more.


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