E-biking through Wine Country, McMinnville, Oregon

The hills surrounding the Willamette Valley town of McMinnville are home to dozens of wineries with tasting rooms. The setting is rural and scenic with a gently rolling landscape dotted with vineyards and farms. One of the best ways to explore this wine region is by bicycle. And the best way to master the challenge of hilly terrain without overexertion is on an electric bicycle (aka e-bike).  

Tommy’s Bicycle Shop in McMinnville rents bicycles in its new Mac Rentals Site. Several wineries sit just a short ride from the shop and most roads are either quiet and rural or outfitted with bike lanes. E-bikes give riders a helpful boost when needed, thanks to the battery mounted on the bike. Of course, you can use as much pedal power as you want or rely almost entirely on the battery. 

The Tommy’s Bicycle Shop website lists suggested local routes to take the guesswork out of where to go. Reserve your bike at tommysbicycleshop.com. Learn more about cycling the McMinnville area at visitmcminnville.com/visitor-guides/cycling-resources.