Durant Olio Nuovo, Dayton, Oregon

by Adam Sawyer 

The cat’s been out of the bag for some time now with regard to the health benefits of pure, fresh olive oil. And much like many other agricultural products, the flavor profiles and culinary advantages that come with utilizing the fresh stuff can be quite profound. What’s also no longer a secret is the fact that you can get some exceptional extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) grown, milled and sold in Oregon.  

That’s right. In addition to the exquisite estate pinot noirs they’ve been producing for decades, Durant at Red Ridge Farms has been the premier purveyor of EVOO in Oregon since 2008 and houses the only olioteca in the Pacific Northwest.  

Visitors to the farm can sample, tour, purchase and experience all things EVOO. Throughout the year, the Red Ridge Farms Gift Shop & Nursery is brimming with for-sale foliage and unique gifts and doubles as the Olio Nuovo Tasting Bar, open daily. Sample each freshly milled olive variety to discover what flavor profiles you find with favor, and receive cooking and pairing advice from knowledgeable staff. These make perfect holiday gifts for the culinarians on your gift list.   

harvested olives at Oregon Olive Mill

The experiential Olive Mill Tours run daily and require reservations. Not only do visitors get a history of the farm and learn what it takes to grow olives in the Northwest, but it’s a chance to put eyes on the only olioteca in Oregon. If you luck out and happen to be visiting at the right time, you might get to see the mill in operation and get a taste of fresh olio straight from the mill. And of the culinary highlights at Durant Red Ridge Farms is a weekly tasting, Oysters and Olio Happy Hour, every Saturday in the Olive Mill.  

For more information about events at Durant Red Ridge Farms, visit durantoregon.com/durant-events and their social media pages with links on their website. Durant Red Ridge Farms is located in the Dundee Hills wine region of Oregon’s Willamette Valley; find lodging and more at willamettevalley.org.