Doe Bay Resort & Retreat

Photo Courtesy of Doe Bay

Doe Bay Resort & Retreat is an ideal spot to clear your mind, reflect on the past year and even start planning your resolutions for the New Year. This historic resort on Orcas Island is home to those seeking peace of mind and an experience off the beaten path.

Known as an island haven of peace and healing, the resort has long been committed to creating a healthful community and restoring balance in the mind, body and environment.

Their own organic farm supplies the ingredients for the Doe Bay Cafe, where they “reduce the distance from seed to table.” After enjoying a meal of local ingredients, you can choose from a variety of yoga classes. Beginners may enjoy a session of relaxed concentration in Yoga Nidra, while others may prefer to practice meditation in movement in Mindful Flow Yoga. You can also find relaxation and fun at the cafe’s weekly open mic nights.

Doe Bay provides a range of accommodations for you to rest after a long day of exploration and reflection. Campgrounds, yurts and cabins are open year-round. With a selection of deluxe and waterless cabins, off-grid yurts and campgrounds, you’re bound to find a spot that’s just right.

For an extra day of exploring Orcas Island, Moran State Park is only a ten-minute drive from the resort, where you can enjoy the view from Mt. Constitution or take in the winter landscape of the trails and waterfalls.

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This article appeared in our November/December, 2018 issue.