In the 1920s, Alaska’s railroad from Seward to Fairbanks was completed and the two-day trip through glorious scenery was only made better by the stop at the Curry Hotel. Today, the train still takes the same route, and visitors can see the lost remnants of an era gone by. Step back in history to this magnificent time period in The Heart of Alaska series.

At mile marker 248.5 along the Alaska Railroad line, lie the remnants of a delightful piece of Alaska’s history.

While the landscape now boasts only a few scattered pieces of buildings buried beneath the deep grasses and growth of natural vegetation, a historic marker tells the story of this milepost.

The story of the Curry Hotel.

It hails back to a bygone era when the trip from Seward to Fairbanks took two days by train, and there was a stopover and stay in Curry at the lavish and beautiful Curry Hotel. During this time there was a suspension bridge that crossed the Susitna River and led to a trail up Curry Ridge to one of the most glorious views of Denali in all of Alaska. The High One saves his best look for the Regalvista historic lookout to this day, although few get the chance to visit the remote location.

Today, there are no roads or other ways to get into Curry—just like back then. Only the railroad. And unless you know it’s there, it’s easy to pass by. But the history is rich, waiting to be discovered by anyone who hungers for the long-lost era.

Part of that rich history is the fascinating people from all walks of life that visited Curry and its luxurious hotel. President Harding stayed in Curry on his trek to drive in the golden spike for the completion of the railroad—long before Alaska was even a state. Denali National Park had its beginnings with a single man in charge of the vast acreage and wildlife. And the location of Curry in its heyday was truly the heart of Alaska.

Bestselling authors, Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse, have captured the essence of Curry and the Curry Hotel in their highly-acclaimed series, The Heart of Alaska. The first book, In the Shadow of Denali, released in 2017 and began the journey for readers to see the Curry Hotel’s birth and experience life in 1920s Alaska. Their latest release, Out of the Ashes, continues the story in this beautiful and historical location.

With incredible historical research and accuracy, it’s plain to see the authors’ goal to honor this exciting piece of our nation’s history and a hidden, fascinating location in Alaska through their fiction.