Discover the Beauty of the Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway, Southern Oregon

When it comes to the wealth and bounty of the valley – Medford’s rushing rivers and majestic mountains create a kaleidoscope of wonder for your eyes to feast upon. World-renowned for its fishing, whitewater rafting, experiences and morethe Rogue River has cascaded its way along the hills and valleys, carving some of the most incredible waterfalls you could visit.  

This beloved, 172-mile stretch is affectionately and accurately known as the “Highway of Waterfalls”, or the Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway. More than 15 beautiful cascades lie upon this wonderful little road tripand it all starts right here in the Heart of the Rogue. Your journey begins on OR-62, where several turnouts entice you to snack on a picnic lunch, or fly fish along the Upper Rogue River. As you pass Shady Cove, you’ll pass the Casey State Recreation Area and Cole Rivers Hatchery, where Salmon and Steelhead are raised and released to the river each year.  

Nestled off the road is a must-see gem, Crowfoot Falls. Simply take a right on Crowfoot Road off OR-62, and discover a complete oasis. Perfect for family trips and wading in the water throughout the summer, Crowfoot Falls is a wonderful first pit stop on your trip. This is only the beginning of the treasures that await you along the byway.  

As you pass Lost Creek Lake, a plethora of waterfalls await your exploration. Adventure and beautiful scenery are bursting at the seams here in the Heart of the Rogue. Discover incredible hiking and biking trails, as well as the pure awe that is inspired by the sights of each waterfall along the byway 

Be sure to respect these trails, leaving no trace and keeping this wonderful place as beautiful as it is. Uncover the unexpected sights, sounds and experiences of the Rogue Valleywith Medford as your launchpad to explore it all. 



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