Discover Central Washington for outdoor adventures

The land in Central Washington is so diverse, so unique and so special that it is really a well-kept secret. In 2023, make Central Washington your #1 must-see, must-experience, most looked-forward-to, and most daydreamed-about spot on your bucket list. Book your Central Washington outdoor adventures now.   

Trapped behind our work desks, our adventurous souls need to be freed. The mountains, lakes, canyons, trails, trees, prairies and desert lands of Central Washingtonthey all call out, their pleas floating on the wind: “Let’s Explore!”   

Central Washington is a year-round mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and is home to all things your soul has been yearning for: Fishing for rainbow trout and largemouth bass in Mattoon Lake, located in Ellensburg; Hiking Red Top Mountain in Cle Elum for stunning 360-degree views of Mount Rainier and the Cascades; Biking Joe Watt Canyon’s 10-mile trail through the wildflowers.  

Here, when the outdoors call, we answer, promptly! Because every day we wish to be engulfed in the environment: Angling in the lakes, lacing up our hiking shoes to set out on a trail leading into a lush forest, our skis strapped to our feet, the adrenaline building. It’s all important to the quality of life here; it’s intertwined.   

When you visit Central Washington in 2023, you will discover it’s a magical, unspoiled piece of Washington State.  

There is nothing more transformative than standing waist-deep in the crisp, cool lakes, nestled in the Alpine Lake Wilderness, while you fish; or the blissful silence as you hike Davis Peak Trail, branches cracking under foot, pure, clean air circulating in your lungs, your breath a bit short as you hike 10 miles round trip, an elevation gain of 4,000 feet. But it’s all worth it when you take that last switchback and gaze at the view of over 10 Cascade peaks,  

In Central Washington every outdoor adventure is at your fingertips, and you never need to choose just one.  

Being outdoors changes the course of your life. Help ensure that our outdoor assets and opportunities will be here in the future. If you love being in the outdoors, do your part to make our outdoor spaces better. Take the Central Washington Plan to Play Pact today and click here to start your 2023 adventure, responsibly.  



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