Discover an Outdoor Paradise in Southeast Idaho High Country

Even as summer winds down you’ll find Southeast Idaho High Country has a super variety of outdoor experiences and activities for fall. From mountain biking trails and camping to hot pools and quirky museums—you’re sure to find a personal favorite in this outdoor lover’s paradise.  

Southeast Idaho has a series of mountain ranges with easy access to the mountains no matter where you are. Sometimes, it may take longer to get from one place to another along the 2-lane highways, but drives through the mountains from Preston to Bear Lake, for example, or along the scenic byways are breathtaking. It’s well-worth getting off Interstate-15 to explore the pockets of beauty, scenic campgrounds, historic towns, over 30 lakes and more tucked in southeast Idaho from the Bear Lake area to Blackfoot and Massacre Rocks State Park to Pocatello. 

With more than 1,000 miles of trails for off highway vehicles, hiking and biking, fall is a wonderful time to explore the trails of the area, watch the changing leaves and experience the mountaintop vistas of Southeast Idaho High Country. Trail aficionados will appreciate the rugged Highline Recreation Trail, featuring 55 miles of mountainous terrain between Preston and Soda Springs or the easy access 50-mile single track City Creek Trail System in Pocatello. 

A bonus perk for fall campers later in the season is that you will find more campsite availability. Enjoy the solitude to disconnect and decompress while warming up to a cozy campfire, perfect for roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories while viewing the Milky Way in the dark starry skies.  

After a day of fun, unwind at one of several natural hot springs—Lava Hot Springs, Bear River Resort, Downata Hot Springs and Maple Grove Hot Springs to name a few. The water in the area doesn’t have a sulfur odor, but still has the rich mineral content for wellness and rejuvenation. There is nothing better than relaxing in a steamy hot pool surrounded by a fall evening’s cool mountain air. 

If you crave connection and feeling a sense of place, look no further than the cultural treasures of the local museums. Visit the Idaho Potato Museum, the Museum of Clean, the Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Museum, the Butch Cassidy Museum and many others for an authentic, hyperlocal experience.  

Fall is one of the best times to visit Southeast Idaho. For inspiration and resources to plan your trip, visit 



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