Dining Al Fresco

One thing Corvallis offers is plenty of good weather, which means that eating outdoors is a regular option. Many Corvallis restaurants offer outdoor seating areas – particularly restaurants in downtown Corvallis and near the Oregon State University campus. Several restaurants along First Street offer outside seating, which means views of the Willamette River, and in South Corvallis you can find dining options with outdoor seating that boast beautiful views of Marys Peak.

Corvallis’ outdoor dining scene expanded recently, as the City of Corvallis is allowing downtown restaurants to use a few parking spaces to offer outside seating, due to the pandemic.

Murphy’s Restaurant & Lounge, located on Jackson Ave. in Corvallis, is one restaurant that offers an outdoor seating option, debuting a classy picnic-style seating area along the sidewalk in front of their building.

Murphy’s spot on the west side of First Street means you’ll be eating in the shade, making it a cool and pleasant option on even the hottest of summer evenings. You can relax in the breeze coming off the Willamette River, just across the street, and enjoy meals like a delicious blackened tri-tip steak served with a potato cake and yummy toppings, or a Mediterranean prawn pasta with a white wine butter sauce, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, red onions and Parmesan cheese.

Another great choice is Bellhop, especially if you’re in the mood for comfort food (and who isn’t, these days?). You can find Bellhop on Madison Ave. in Corvallis, and they’ve spread out into a few handy parking spots to offer a lovely and breezy outdoor dining space right in front of their restaurant.

You can’t go wrong by choosing their Meatloaf of the Gods, a massive slab of pork sausage and beef meatloaf smothered in homemade mashed potatoes and surrounded by seasonal veggies, or their famous fried chicken that’ll teach you what “finger-lickin’ good” really means. Keep a sharp eye out for their specials, though, as their chef loves to turn out tasty nightly surprises, like a caprese salad featuring spiced peaches or a ratatouille with fresh eggplant, zucchini, and squash.

In these days of physical distancing and outdoor eating, it’s good to know you have plenty of options for safer dining in Corvallis – options that come with amazing views, where you can relax in adorable café style, enjoy the cooler night air, and savor an amazing, locally-sourced meal.


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