A Spirit Cruise to Astoria, OR

Photo © Portland Spirit Cruises

Covering over 60 miles of water, the Portland Spirit Cruise’s day-trip to Astoria gives travelers a novel way to discover the Oregon shores.

The cruise will travel the Columbia River, taking passengers from the ports of Portland down to Astoria. Astoria’s fame comes in large part from hosting multiple famous films, such as The Goonies, Free Willy, and Into the Wild. In recognition of the town’s stardom, Astoria’s downtown features The Oregon Film Museum housed in the old Clatsop County Jail.

It’s no surprise many directors chose to shoot their films in Astoria; the beach town’s evergreen trees and timeless architecture create a beautiful landscape. Arriving by boat, you’ll be better able to appreciate Astoria’s coastline.

Your cruise ticket not only includes the trip, but breakfast, lunch buffet, afternoon tea and a narration from your captain. The captain will guide your attention as you sail under famous bridges and past landmarks of Louis and Clark’s travels.

The cruise begins its voyage at 7:30 A.M. on October 8th and arrives in Astoria at 5:00 P.M. Transportation back to Portland is provided and included in your ticket. For more information on the Portland Spirit Cruises, consult: http://www.portlandspirit.com/astoria.php.