Cordova Fungus Festival

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If you’re looking for a good excuse to visit Cordova, Alaska—besides fishing for the famed Copper River salmon, watching a massive glacier calve or trekking into the region’s spectacular wildlands—check out the Cordova Fungus Festival. This event attracts fungus fans from all over the world and features some of the top experts in the country, all in a three-day celebration of all things fungus.
If summer seems a bit early for mushroom harvesting, remember Cordova is in Southcentral Alaska where the season comes early. The 13th annual event takes place August 30 to September 1, 2019 at the Cordova Center meeting facility, with guided field excursions throughout the surrounding Chugach National Forest.
The Cordova Fungus Festival is about more than simply identifying various mushrooms and other fungi in the classroom and in the field, but also takes an educational dive into the interconnected life cycle of fungus, salmon and forest. A main feature of the event is the Wild Harvest Feast, which celebrates mushrooms, salmon and other wild edibles in the best possible way—on the plate.
Cordova is a small fishing community, served by commercial airlines, and offers plenty of lodging and camping facilities for festivalgoers. Find more information about visiting Cordova and finding lodging at
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