The Connie Hansen Garden Conservancy, Lincoln City

Photo ©  Philip Burnett

Once an extensive private garden in Lincoln City, The Connie Hansen Garden is free to the public. April and May are optimal months to visit since the garden displays the heaviest blooms in early- to mid-spring.

Lincoln City’s cool, damp climate is perfect for growing rhododendrons. Connie Hansen was an avid rhodie collector and the garden is home to hundreds of varieties in an array of sizes from miniatures to trees. She planted her garden so her rhodies were the stars of the show with a supporting cast of azaleas, perennials, flowering trees, bulbs and ground covers.

At the garden, planted in more than an acre of land, plan to spend some time to stroll the many pathways and linger, relax and meditate on the beauty of the garden. Visit the gift shop and check out the plants for sale to refresh your own garden at home.
Hansen also planted many varieties of both primula and iris species, plants that are rarely seen in such abundance in home gardens as at this garden.

You can learn about the history and development of the Connie Hansen Garden by taking a guided tour. Reservations are required at least two weeks in advance for tours, and a nominal fee is charged.

The garden is open daily. For more information, visit For information about visiting Lincoln City, go to