Central Oregon Makers: Sisters Meat and Smokehouse

Photo Courtesy of Visit Central Oregon

Central Oregonians are a collection of dreamers, doers, storytellers and innovators who have all chosen that beautiful place as home. The result is a thriving community of makers who help weave the cultural fabric of this unique area. To showcase the depth of creativity that flows here, Visit Central Oregon created the “Central Oregon Makers” campaign.

In the western-themed town of Sisters there’s an artisanal butchery and eatery that claims to have ‘probably the best meat in the world’. Judging by Sisters Meat and Smokehouse’s struggle to keep up with demand, it might just be true. The shop, located in downtown Sisters, has been serving high-quality cuts of meat since 2016.

“One of the things I love about Sisters is it’s old school, and this shop is old school,” said Jeff Johnson, CEO, Sisters Meat and Smokehouse.

Johnson partnered with brothers Brody and Wade Waller to bring their recipes to the public. Before opening the shop, smoking meats was just a hobby for them.

“I love getting up and going to work every day, making so many new friends with customers and building great relationships,” said Brody Waller. “And we get to live in Central Oregon so how good does it get?”

The team behind Sisters Meat and Smokehouse prides itself on promoting food and drinks from Oregon, dedicating at least one of their beer taps to an emerging Oregon brewery alongside other top brews from the state. All of the Sisters Meat and Smokehouse owners are Oregon natives and Sisters residents.

“A lot of family works here, a lot of people from that we hire from the outside become family, it’s a really neat environment as far as that goes,” said Wade Waller.

Many of the recipes, techniques and seasonings the brothers use were developed by their father, Steve Waller. The family is all about keeping the tradition alive by sharing it with customers.

“We have three generations of recipes, three generations of craftsmanship, so it’s really fun for me to see a lifelong relationship and familiarity turn into a partnership and a business opportunity that’s good for this community and it’s good for the people that work here,” said Johnson.

To learn more about Sisters Meat and Smokehouse and watch other Central Oregon Makers stories go to visitcentraloregon.com/makers.


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