Centennial Marsh in Fairfield, ID

Photo by Charles Knowles

The Centennial Marsh in Fairfield, Idaho, is home to one of the most spectacular wildflower blooms in the West. Not only will you find thousands of camas lilies in the marsh, but it is also a great place for birdwatching and experiencing stunning scenery of Central Idaho. Spring tends to be the best time to get the full experience: rich wetlands, endless fields of purple-blue lilies and the thousands of birds that visit each year.

The road that loops around the edges of the marsh will provide easy access to photograph the lilies as well as the songbirds and waterfowl. The native Shoshone-Bannock and Paiute people used the roots of the camas lilies as an abundant food source. In fact, Camas County is named after these historically important flowers.

If you plan your trip for the first weekend of June, make sure to stop by the annual Camas Lily Days and Sho-Ban Homecoming in Fairfield. At the festival you’ll find live music, activities for kids, and a Camas Lily Ceremony hosted by the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe at City Park.

To start planning your trip to The Centennial Marsh, check out visitsouthidaho.com/centennial-marsh-one-springs-beautiful-sights. For more information on the Camas Lily Days festival, go to visitsouthidaho.com/make-plans-visit-fairfield-camas-lily-days.

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