Boise: It’s OK to Be Surprised

Photo Courtesy of Visit Idaho

Boise, Idaho is full of surprises, but foremost among them is just how easy it is to be a visitor. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Boise supplies all the convenience one needs.

Start with flights in and out of this lively, growing city: the Boise Airport offers 20 nonstop flight options, serviced by seven airlines, with connecting flights to thousands of cities worldwide. Boise makes its mark right off the bat, with locally-sourced concessions and restaurants in the concourse. 

Once a visitor makes the seven-minute trip to Boise’s vibrant downtown (shuttle buses are offered at the Boise Airport), they can leave the car behind. Boise is a city that encourages its guests to bring their walking–or biking, hiking or fishing–shoes. 

With endless recreation, Boise has something for everyone. For starters, hikers and bikers can explore 190 miles of singletrack trails in the Boise Foothills. Trailheads are just a few blocks out of downtown Boise. For those more interested in a watery experience, Boise is a gateway. Public parks like Quinn’s Pond and the Boise Whitewater Park offer fun close to town. Rafts or paddleboards are available to rent just steps away from the water. 

If mountain activities are of interest, Bogus Basin Recreation Area is located 16 miles from Boise, with 2,600 acres of skiable terrain and 11 lifts including three high-speed quads. The community-owned ski area is a summertime hub as well, with miles of hiking and biking trails. Recently the resort added a mountain coaster ride, to give anyone the chance to fly down the mountain. 

If your activities leave you hungry or thirsty, hold on: Boise’s downtown is bustling with culinary activity, whether it’s the proliferation of craft breweries–19 at last count in downtown Boise alone–or the dozens of exciting meal options from award-winning restaurants and food trucks. And don’t forget Idaho wines; Idaho’s burgeoning wine industry means many restaurants feature Idaho varieties. Boise’s foodie revival is just like the rest of this city’s qualities: Unexpected and surprisingly easy to discover. Learn more at


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