Boise Art Museum

Photo © She-Yu Kwan

With a history of supporting the arts since its inception in 1937, Boise Art Museum has evolved into a powerhouse of art appreciation in the West. Its eclectic, curated exhibitions provide a broad spectrum of topics no matter when you visit the museum.

Visitors this winter (through January 17) can take in an exhibit on origami as art, called “Folding Paper: the Infinite Possibilities of Origami.” Forty-five master folders from several countries will display their art. The fact that paper can be a medium for endless creativity is expressed in these artists’ works.

Beginning February 6, museum-goers will enjoy the works of contemporary American artist Adonna Khare. She is known for her fanciful, large-scale carbon pencil drawings featuring creatures juxtaposed with ordinary events. Khare hopes her work will inspire viewers to allow their imaginations to transform them into a world far away from the familiar. She encourages viewers to spend time discovering the work as it unfolds before them.

Another exhibit features the medium of ceramics, “Modern and Contemporary Ceramics,” from a private collection that includes the works of several notable ceramics artists.

Go to for details about visiting the museum. The website has all the information you’ll need to plan a stay in Boise.