Bloedel Conservatory, B.C.

Are you in the mood for someplace tropical and warm? The Bloedel Conservatory is that and more. Not only is it tropical, but the conservatory also houses more than 200 birds—macaws, parrots, finches and more—beneath its glass dome. Located in Vancouver, the Bloedel Conservatory aims to preserve exotic birds and to create the tropical habitat they need to thrive.

What makes the conservatory unique are the three different ecosystems you can explore. You’ll find a Tropical Rainforest, with a diverse variety of plant and animal species; a Subtropical Rainforest, with lower humidity and increased light; and the Desert Zone, with very low humidity that’s perfect for desert plants.

Besides the three ecosystems, the Bloedel Conservatory also has a healing garden where you can engage all your senses in a tranquil and meditative setting, a great place to relax and destress.

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