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The Health Benefits of Panax



We may never know when man first experienced erectile dysfunction, but we know that there has been a natural treatment for it originating from China and Korea used for thousands of years.

There are different kinds of ginseng which can be classified as red, white, or fresh. This classification is based on how long the period is before it is harvested. Four years pertains to fresh ginseng, between four to six years for white ginseng, and six years and above for red ginseng.

Another classification of ginseng is based on where its origins are located. American ginseng is known as Panax quinquefolius, while the ginseng mentioned above that treats ED and originates in Asia is referred to as Panax ginseng.

Panax ginseng (also called the Korean or red ginseng) is a powerful plant whose roots can positively contribute to improving one’s sexual function and promoting longevity and good health.

Here is a list of some of the health benefits of Panax ginseng:

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

As mentioned above, Panax for ED is one of the most popular health benefits that can be gained from the ginseng for men. It enhances one’s physical performance which thus increases sexual stamina. Moreover, Panax ginseng not only helps with the hardness and duration of one’s erection; it also improves one’s libido and overall satisfaction.


Panax ginseng contains an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation and can be used on the skin of people suffering from eczema. This antioxidant also contributes to increasing the production of nitric oxide (NO). NO is an essential component in stimulating an erection as it dilates the blood vessels in the penile area, allowing sufficient blood flow for an erection.

Brain Function enhancer

One of the health benefits of Panax ginseng is improving brain functions. This includes one’s memory, mood, and behaviour. A study conducted for four weeks resulted in an enhanced mental health condition, mood, and social functioning.

Immune System booster

Research conducted on the benefits of Panax ginseng to the immune system has been mainly focused on cancer patients. Studies show that stomach cancer patients who took 5,400mg of ginseng daily have improved their immune functions. More so, their symptoms have been less recurring.

Increased Energy Level

One of the things that people who take Panax ginseng have are lower fatigue experiences because of lower oxidative stress, together with an increased level of energy production.

Lowered Blood Sugar 

Whether it’s American or Asian, ginseng proves to positively impact blood glucose control for people with or without diabetes. It helps in improving the uptake of blood sugar, pancreatic cell function, and insulin production. Moreover, ginseng extracts were found to provide antioxidant protection, which reduces the free radicals in the cells of those who have diabetes.

To conclude, Panax ginseng has been traditionally used over the centuries as a holistic wellness supplement. It has been proven safe and effective for:

  • treating impotence
  • reducing stress
  • treating diabetes
  • improving cardiovascular health
  • increasing energy

Although Panax ginseng is a safe, and a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, it’s always best to consult your doctor about taking any treatment. He or she can assess whether a treatment is ideal for you, depending on your prior and existing overall health conditions.


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