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 A reflective essay on “Best Vacation I had" - Tips & Sample

Students nowadays are asked by their instructors to write several different types of essays. Reflective essays, persuasive essays, argumentative essays, expository essays, etc., are these different essay types that are different and unique from one another like college essay writer. The unique and different from one another is the purpose for which these different types of essays are written. For example, a persuasive essay is written to persuade the ordinance from a perspective or viewpoint. In this type of essay, the writer presents a number of different arguments with pieces of evidence to make the audience agree on the perspective or side of the topic which the writer has explained. 

Students often get confused when they hear the newly introduced types of essays such as reflective essays or expository essays etc. For instance, when students are assigned an assignment on a new thing they are often heard telling their friends to help them like I used to ask my expert friend to write my paper. The same happens when students are asked to write a reflective essay. A reflective essay is unique from all the other essays. In a reflective essay, the writer presents his personal experience and the discussion carried out throughout the essay is a reflection of his own personal experience. 

Tips to write an effective reflective essay

A professional essay writing service makes sure whatever the type of essay is he writes it in an effective manner. Some of the tips that help to write an effective reflective essay are mentioned below:

  1. Before starting your write-up for the reflective essay make sure to prepare a structure of the essay. This structure will help you grab the attention of your audience in an attractive manner. 
  2. Decide a topic for your reflective essay that interests you. Most of the students select random topics for their essays and they find themselves stuck during the essay. This is because they are not able to develop More ideas for their reflective essay. Therefore it is always suggested to select a topic for the reflective essay that interests the writer so that he can easily develop new ideas for the essay. This will help the writer in not repeating a single point again and again and will thus help in grabbing the attention as they will find new things to read. 
  3. Prepare a detailed outline before starting the writing portion of the reflective essay. Make sure to include all the points In the outline that you have aimed to involve in your reflective essay. 
  4. Maintain consistency throughout the reflective essay. Meaning that most of the students provide a detailed discussion on one point and explain the later points quickly as they fall short of words or the length of the essay is exceeding. This generally happens when the writer is writing randomly and has not thought of the basic components of his reflective essay. Adding the basic components of the essay will help to maintain the consistency of the reflective access. 
  5. Always summarise your points at the end of the reflective essay so that it provides the reader with a clear idea of the core points that were discussed throughout the essay. 

Sample reflective essay on “Best Vacation I had"

After a boring and heavy routine, we finally decided to travel towards Mexico on our vacations. While heading towards Mexico I never thought that this vacation would be the best one among all I ever had before. While starting your journey we decided to stop at different points so that we can discover new places. After starting the journey we found numerous places that were attractive for the eyes. We stopped at two different places and found that those places were very unique and different. What made them unique was their simplicity. After trying different food items we found out that not just the places but everything out there were simple and beautiful. We started our journey again towards Mexico. 

After reaching Mexico we decided to stay in a hotel. This hotel was located nearby by a beautiful river. The sound of flowing water and the crystal clear droplet of rain made our mornings memorable and unforgettable. We did not plan before, but after visiting a few places We thought of discovering Mexico. A place near the hotel was very famous for its breakfast. After trying the breakfast we were not able to head towards any other restaurant because the taste of the food was very delicious and flavourful.


The next morning we planned to discover a historic place near our hotel in Mexico. That historical place made us remember our grandparents who used to discuss the lifestyle of their time. The unique items or things present in that place astonished us and made our vacations more memorable. Every little thing was so mesmerizing that it all was making us stop from going back. 

Mentioned above is a sample reflective essay on the topic “Best vacation I had”. This sample essay will provide students with an idea of how reflective essays are written. Students who are still confused about what reflective essays are and how they are written, can take assistance from their instructor, class fellows, or even from professional writers by using different online services such as an essay or a essay writer free. With this assistance, students can start practicing reflective essays on different topics. A continual effort will help them learn to write effective and attractive reflective essays that grab the attention of the readers or audience at the very first glance. 

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