Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Photo © Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Sitting at the tip of the Turnagain Arm, an hour south of Anchorage, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) provides care to animals in need and give guests an in-depth look at Alaska’s amazing wildlife.

Working with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the AWCC shelters animals that cannot survive on their own with hopes of releasing them back into the wild. In individual cases, however, some creatures either stay at the center or move to another facility.

One of the center’s biggest projects involves the reintroduction of wood bison to the American wilderness. As the only wood bison herd in the U.S., the AWCC ensured the only birth of wood bison in Alaska for the last 100 years. From an original herd of 13, their numbers have since flourished to more than 70. You can visit the 65-acre enclosure to steal a view of these rare creatures.

The other areas hold a variety of Alaskan wildlife, such as bear, moose, musk ox, eagles and coyotes. Many animals share the same enclosure, giving visitors a chance to see different species naturally interact with one another.

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