A Winter Wonderland: Fairbanks, Alaska

Aurora borealis under a full moon, Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

There are at least 10 reasons Fairbanks, Alaska, is a winter wonderland. First, it lasts for five full months. Second, it sits under the Aurora Oval, the region circling the globe with the best aurora borealis viewing.

You can meet reindeer and even take a walk with them through the forest. You can get comfy in a hut on a frozen lake and try your luck at ice fishing. Or head to the Castner Glacier, a beautiful 2.5-hour winter ride from Fairbanks, and explore a legendary ice cave. Can’t get enough ice? Ice art in Fairbanks peaks in February and March with two large ice events that include giant ice sculptures and more.

Head into the snow with snowshoes or Nordic skis. Or let sled dogs do the work by going dog mushing through the pristine backcountry. For maximum speed, learn to ride a snowmobile from a local guide and explore the terrain.

These are just a few of the winter adventures Fairbanks offers. To plan your winter vacation in Fairbanks, go to explorefairbanks.com.