A Culinary Tour of Seattle’s Georgetown

Cuidad. Photo by Jordan Nicholson Photographer

ONCE UPON A TIME, Georgetown was the opposite of a destination dining spot. It was populated mostly with dives and holes in the wall. And it was industrial―a hub for trucking companies and design wholesalers with fossil fuels and train tracks thrown in. Seattleites already had a smorgasbord of hip and happening neighborhoods from which to choose; they weren’t about to dine in Georgetown.

But then something unexpected happened: big name culinary icons and established brands moved in to set up shop in Georgetown. On purpose. And then, suddenly, an actual scene began to take form.

Today, Georgetown is so alive, you can spend an entire day eating your way around what has become a hipster hood, even doing some yoga, perusing antiques or buying some gourmet dog biscuits at a boutique pet shop along the way. Here are our top picks for a full day of eating and imbibing in one of Seattle’s newest culinary hot spots.

Start your day with some of the best yogurt you’ll ever taste at Ellenos (ellenos.com), where a family recipe for small-batch Greek yogurt has taken the city by storm. The lemon curd is not to be missed, and you can’t go wrong with pumpkin pie, passionfruit and chai.

Grab a cup of coffee at The Conservatory (theconservatoryseattle.com), a mashup of a coffee house and concert venue that’s spacious and quirky, with a stage, a bookshelf full of games and an old typewriter just hanging out because it can. Come by for a drawing
workshop, some jazz or burlesque.

Stop by Hitchcock Deli (hitchcockdeli.com) for lunch. If you’ve been to the original outpost of this popular Bainbridge Island sandwich shop, you know that all the accolades are deserved. This place has some of the best sandwiches in the city. The Carolina Barbecue (pulled pork and coleslaw on a soft potato roll) is a must try, along with what is arguably one of the best chocolate chip cookies in all of Washington, rich with cacao nibs, dark chocolate and sea salt.

Wash down your cookie across the street on Airport Way with a rich drinking chocolate and a pistachio marzipan chaser at this ultra-luxe outpost of Fran’s Chocolates (frans.com), which blows its Four Seasons location out of the water! If it’s in season, indulge in the ganache-filled fig dipped in dark chocolate.

Nothing washes down chocolate like red wine, which you can find in abundance at Charles Smith Wines Jet City (winesofsubstance.com ). Their trendy tasting room is full of light, with great happy hour prices and friendly and knowledgeable staff who can help you find the right wine for your mood. This isn’t a place to linger, however, as there are no seats in the main tasting room.

Settle into a comfortable and colorful seat at Ciudad (ciudadseattle.com), another gem from Seattle superstar chef, Matt Dillon (Sitka and Spruce, Corson Building), and partner Marcus Lalario (Fat’s Chicken and Waffles, Li’l Woody’s). The dining room feels like the coolest outdoor patio you’ve ever seen, with brightly colored chairs, a curious wall mural with rabbits, foxes and devils and comfy orange and blue cushions at the larger tables. The menu boasts great salads (try the charred kale and ricotta salata with lemon vinaigrette), grilled meats, a surprisingly decadent fried cauliflower appetizer with dried apricots and hazelnuts and a molasses glaze and some ofthe best hummus in the city.

It’s time to give Georgetown another visit. In fact, give it two. You could easily spend another afternoon exploring what you missed during your first culinary tour. Eitherway, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling incredibly satisfied.

Find out more about exploring Georgetown at visitseattle.org/neighborhoods/sodo-georgetown.