Pack Your Days in West Yellowstone

Photo © West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone is the gateway to all your spring adventures in Yellowstone National Park. Beautiful weather, longer days, uncrowded roads, and seasonal lodging rates treat visitors to a one-of-a-kind experience.

Ski in the morning

Crust cruising is a euphoric phenomena allowing skate skiers to travel over large, open areas. Around West Yellowstone, popular crust cruising spots with wide-open areas and lots of sun exposure include Hebgen Lake, Bighorn Pass, Fawn Pass, and the meadows near the Rendezvous Ski Trails. Watch the weather, check with your favorite Nordic shop, and rise early for a perfect morning of soaring across the surface in all directions.

Cycle in the afternoon

Spring cycling is underway around West Yellowstone and in the park. For Cycle Only Days, the west gate will open, as conditions allow, from late March through April 14. The west gate does not charge for entrance fees until it reopens for vehicles on April 15. So take advantage and blade, bike, or hike in at no charge! The spring season offers cyclists a truly unique ride through scenery and landscapes that are sure to amaze. Keep your eyes open for frequent sightings of bison, elk, coyote, eagles, and other wildlife.

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