The Great Washington State Birding Trail

Photo by Morro Strand

A birding trail can become much more than just a great way to see wildlife in their natural habitats. It can be an immersive driving, biking or even kayaking trip, with selected stops that feature information about the area, seasonal changes and bird migration patterns.

There are plenty of loops along the Great Washington State Birding Trail. With more than 300 stops, there’s sure to be one that fits your fancies, from the Olympic Loop to the Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway. When you purchase a birding trail package ($4.99), it includes helpful maps to guide you and even original artwork to enhance your experience.

Audubon Washington has also rolled out Birding Trail WA, a mobile app that allows users to pick driving loops and features hot spots chosen by experts in the area. The app simplifies trip planning, directions and even on-the-trail bird referencing.

Buy your Birding Trail maps at or purchase the Great Washington State Birding Trail app on your phone (available for iPhone and Android).