The Aquarium of Boise

Photo © Aquarium of Boise

At the Aquarium of Boise, people get their hands wet. This home to 250 different species provides a fun educational experience for kids and even grownups. With 38 different exhibits and more to come, the aquarium’s overarching goal is to inspire conservation of both land and aquatic ecosystems through hands-on interactions.

While browsing the exhibits, you’ll meet a giant pufferfish named Letterman and some of the largest sharks in the world. In the Shark and Ray Pool exhibit, you can observe and even feed a wide variety of sharks and rays. You just might get lucky enough to witness the hatching and development of baby sharks in the Shark Nursery.

The Aquarium of Boise houses aquatic animals from all over the world. In the Amazon Exhibit, you’ll see freshwater fish from South America. Additionally, in the Amazing Angels Exhibit, you can feed and pet fish from the tropical Pacific Ocean.

This facility is much more than an aquarium. In the aviary, exotic birds fly right into your hands. And chameleons and lizards relax in the tree canopy of the reptile exhibit.

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