Shelton Springs Disc Golf

Photo by Chase Hedrick

Whether you’re a golf expert or a complete novice, disc golf is a sport worth checking out—and where better to do that than Shelton Springs Disc Golf course in Shelton, Washington? According to, a popular website for rating disc golf courses, the Shelton Springs course is the highest-rated course in Washington and ranks 12th in the entire U.S.

The course features 18 holes, with a choice between “beginner” and “advanced” on each one. With mostly flat terrain, a person of any age or physical condition can navigate this course without much difficulty. The holes themselves are well-marked, and as you travel through the course you can take in the park’s forest scenery.

For those unfamiliar with disc golf, it is played exactly like regular golf, but with discs instead of clubs and balls. A disc golf disc is the size and shape of a normal FrisbeeTM, but made of heavier, more durable plastic. Each hole has a “tee” area where you make the first throw, and, just like in regular golf, your goal is to reach the hole—or, in this case, a tall metal basket—in as few shots as possible.

More experienced and professional disc golf players will have sets of discs that correspond to different golf clubs, such as distance drivers, fairway drivers and putters. However, if you’re just interested in playing casually or trying it for the first time, you can play just as well with only a distance driver. Even when playing casually, it is probably in your best interest to bring more than one disc, though; even the most experienced disc golfers end up losing a disc from time to time.

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