Ride the Rails in Tillamook County

Are you spinning your wheels trying to find a new outdoor activity? Oregon Coast Railriders has a trip for you: riding the rails of an unused corridor of the historic Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad line without ever stepping foot on a train. It is a rail ride unlike any you have ever journeyed, where you enjoy beautiful scenery and wildlife up close and ride the rails.

Running from Bay City to Tillamook, Oregon Coast Railriders’ 12-mile round-trip, pedal-powered adventure takes riders across bridges spanning the Kilchis and Wilson rivers, across sloughs and wetlands and by several dairy farms in the area.

Because riders pedal independently, you can put the “pedal to the metal” or travel at a leisurely pace on the custom-designed, four-wheeled rail bike. Each bike has two or four adjustable recumbent seats, and children in car seats are welcome to ride strapped in next to an adult. The two-hour round-trip experience is a chance to see areas that were previously closed to the public. The rail is generally flat with gentle grades.

Oregon Coast Railriders operates from May 20 through October 9, Thursday through Monday, with rides departing 9:00 a.m., noon and 3:00 p.m. To book a reservation, visit ocrailriders.com. Oregon Coast Railriders is located at 5400 Hayes Oyster Drive in Bay City.

To plan your trip to Oregon’s Tillamook Coast, visit tillamookcoast.com.