Laugh, Cry and Dine at Cafe Nordo

Photo by Bruce Clayton

As an entertainment venue, Seattle’s Cafe Nordo has found its niche by incorporating elements of modern dining and underground theater. Their seductive combination of candle-lit dining and artistic performance creates a mystical, intimate entertainment experience. Cafe Nordo not only aims to entertain, but to cultivate rich, artistic expression and experience. Whether it’s dance, theater or locally-sourced ingredients, Cafe Nordo provides itself as a platform for not only entertainment, but education as well.

Past shows have transported audiences through time to prohibition-era speakeasies, the Wild West, reconnaissance missions of the 1960s and even within art installations themselves. Aside from two annual mainstage productions, Cafe Nordo hosts “Pressure Cooker,” a creative challenge for artists to create a masterpiece with limited funds and limited time. These shorts incorporate imaginative themes and creative performances.

This whimsical 21+ venue fosters home-grown art and locally- sourced cuisine that bring the audience on an adventure outside the box. If you can expect anything from Cafe Nordo, it is the unexpected. For showtimes, booking and more visit