Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa

Photo Courtesy of Coates Kokes

Highway 101 defines most destinations vacationers visit on the Oregon Coast. But if you get off the highway, you enter a more remote world with fewer fellow travelers. Pacific City, located at the south end of the Three Capes Scenic Drive, is one such place. And it’s the home of the recently opened Headlands Coastal Lodge and Spa.

The visionaries behind Headlands, Mary Jones and Jeff Schons, long ago helped put Pacific City on the map with their Inn at Cape Kiwanda, Pelican Brewing and more. Headlands has been on the drawing board for years and is the first new luxury property to open along the 363-mile Oregon Coast in at least a decade.

“Luxury” is often an exaggeration, but at Headlands it is authentic. Not only did meticulous attention go into every detail of the building’s warm yet stunning architectural design but also into every material element and guest service, including the staffed Adventure Center.

The backdrop? The massive sand dunes of Cape Kiwanda Natural Area, a beach where dory boats and surfers launch, and the monolithic sea stack, Haystack Rock. The view from the guest rooms (each with an ocean panorama) takes in all of this.

Headlands is all about curating your own experience, whether that includes planning outdoor adventures with the help of an on-site adventure coach, enjoying indoor indulgences in the spa and wellness studio or in the restaurant, Meridian, or lounging in your room in front of the fireplace. With only 33 guest rooms—each with its own bike and surf board rack and a glass-walled shower so you don’t miss the view for a moment—it will feel like you have the place all to yourself.

To book your stay at Headlands Coastal Resort and Spa, visit headlandslodge.com. Find out more about this stretch of the north Oregon Coast at tillamookcoast.com.