Bogus Basin Tubing

Is your winter going downhill? Do you believe holiday cheer is just… bogus? Don’t despair! Snow tubing at Bogus Basin is sure to put you in high spirits.

Bogus Basin, located 16 miles north-northeast of Boise, earned its name from swindlers’ fake gold dust produced in the area. After Bogus was opened to the public in 1942, visitors have learned this site’s riches lay in abundant opportunities for skiing, tubing, and other outdoor recreational activities throughout the year. Its 2,600 acres of glades, bowls and mixed runs provide ample opportunity for excitement in the snow.

There are two options for tubing at Bogus Basin this winter: regular tubing and “Fill the Hill” tubing. Regular tubing is a great option for small groups who wish to reserve individual tubes for a two-hour session. “Fill the Hill” tubing, which reserves 100 tubes per booking and grants exclusive two-hour access of the area, is ideal for birthday parties, company parties and other large group outings.

Whether spending this holiday season in a small or large group, try tubing at Bogus Basin. Who knows? It could turn a downhill winter afternoon into a thrilling, fast-paced adventure.

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