Balanced Rock, Idaho

Photo courtesy of Visit Idaho

Nature Displays one of it’s most incredible balancing acts in Southern Idaho. Balanced Rock, near Castleford, is an authentic icon of the Western landscape. Standing at 48-feet wide at the top and roughly four feet wide at the base, it looks as though one shove would topple it into the canyon below.

It’s hard to believe what shaped this geologic icon: The rhyolite lava that makes up Balanced Rock was formed 15 million years ago and has been sculpted since by the relentless forces of wind and weather.

Spring is the perfect time to visit Balanced Rock Park, located below the rock formation in a canyon of cottonwood trees shading Salmon Falls Creek. To get to the park, take the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway (Highway 30) and, at the town of Buhl, follow the signs to the site. Camping is available at Balanced Rock Park, but there are no RV hookups.

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