Artist’s Festival on Grouse Mountain, BC

Photo © Grouse Mountain Resort

The Fourth Annual Artists for Conservation Festival is being held at the Grouse Mountain Resort in Vancouver, September 26th through October 5th. An exhibit with a focus on increasing awareness and education on the environment, the festival provides opportunities to meet artists from around the world, including Pollyanna Pickering and Robert Bateman.

Established by Jeff Whiting, a Canadian artist, and run by the Artists For Conservation group, the festival celebrates pieces from over 500 artists over five continents. The event will feature a new documentary release by Artists For Conservation, in addition to workshops for youth and adults, live artistic demonstrations and gallery tours.

The festival will host the internationally juried Artists For Conservation exhibit, which features approximately 80 paintings and sculptures from master artists from around the world. Additionally, The Hiwus Feasthouse is also housing meet-the-artist events, guest lecturers, and First Nation performances.

Further information about this event can be found at or on British Columbia’s site