A Year-Round Paradise: Ashland, OR

Discover why Ashland is one of the top 10 best wine travel destinations in the world. (Wine Enthusiast)

Join us for the 11th annual Ashland Culinary Festival, November 2nd – 5th.  This four-day destination event showcases Ashland’s award-winning culinary scene in a beautiful setting.  With Mixology, Junior Chef and Top Chef Competitions, wine tours, a NEW quick-fire challenge, culinary workshops and over 30 delicious vendors to sample, it is a weekend many look forward to returning to.  The event is located at Ashland Hills, Hotel & Suites. Make your plans now to enjoy Ashland this November and take part in the amazing adventures that await you.

Ashland is a year-round paradise that provides rich culture, amazing food, award-winning breweries, wineries, spirits, talented food artisans and epic outdoor fun.  Each season brings its own colors and reasons to love this unique destination.  Located at the convergence of the Cascade and Siskiyou mountain ranges, Ashland receives more sunshine than most places in Oregon.

The southern Oregon wine region is diverse and unique.  There are over 80 varietals to taste and so much to learn about.  From the 7-month growing season, similar latitude to France and Spain and the ruggedness and personality of the region, come explore the undiscovered wines of Ashland and southern Oregon.

To make your trip complete, take a spa day, or take a hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.  We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy Ashland, as you like it. www.travelashland.com